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Who we are

At Vero Animal Health, we are passionate about making animal health care professionals as effective as they can be.  We manufacture innovative healthcare devices with superior quality and performance. 

Vero Animal Health is committed to innovation in Animal Health and improving patient outcome by increasing the efficiency of animal healthcare professionals.  

Vero Animal Health serves the veterinary market by providing solutions to diseases affecting companion and farm animals.  We work closely with veterinarians and suppliers to bring to the market high quality, innovative products, and enhanced customer service while all the while looking for cost reductions for our customers.  Through these partnerships, we manufacturer and market Surgical, Wound Closure, Woundcare, Respiratory/Anesthesia, General Hospital, Laboratory and diagnostic devices which are used worldwide.  

Our goal at Vero Animal Health is to develop innovative products that will enhance and meet the needs of veterinarians so they can provide the highest quality of care for companion animals and livestock.  

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About us

Vero Animal Health manufacturers superior quality innovative products and services for the animal health markets.


Our Vision

That our high-quality products, customer service and staff will be a valuable first choice to our customers/partners. 

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